Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Historical 50th post/Cast Your Vote for Most Underappreciated Actor

Well, folks, only three blogs in August. That's a record low, even including my first month when I was just getting into this. But today is the groundbreaking fiftieth post. Thanks to my sister for reading it even when none of you other knobs did. Hopefully this one will get some participation, because it's time for another survey!

This month I want to get your thoughts on who you feel the most underrated actors and actresses are. Having just seen Inglourious Basterds, I have to start with Brad Pitt. This guy gets all sorts of press for his looks and being shacked up with Angelina Jolie, but he creates some of the most memorable characters I've ever seen, and has great comedic instincts. Watching him play Aldo Raine a few days ago, I was kind of blown away that someone can be so omnipresent in the tabloids and still so good at inhabiting different characters.

Number two on my list: Bruce Willis. He often plays John McClane or a variation thereof, but when he actually gets a chance to act, he can handle both comedy and weighty drama deftly. To see the former, and if you ever wonder what the world would be like if Bruce Willis were a total wuss, check out Death Becomes Her. Another favorite of mine, 16 Blocks, features him playing a cop as usual, but in a broken-down, depressed way that really takes you off guard. And I have to mention The Whole Nine Yards, where once again he plays a tough guy (a hitman, actually), but with a lighthearted philosophical side that could only be done by Bruce.

Honorable mentions go to Steve Zahn, Billy Bob Thornton, and Amanda Peet. Zahn is such a lovable goofball that his talent gets overlooked. See Rescue Dawn if you want to see him in a new light. And of course, anyone who can create a character like Karl Childers, a.k.a. Sling Blade, gets an A-plus in my book. As for Amanda Peet, in addition to being a really great-looking gal, I totally appreciate her talent. She can play sweet (Martian Child) or a total bee-yotch (Saving Silverman), and do them both effectively. Anywho, I now give the time to you to express yourselves. And as always, anyone is invited to participate. Okay, go.