Monday, March 29, 2010

I've Been Naughty...

So, if anyone is wondering about the progress of my HCG diet (which judging by the comments on last week's update, nobody is), I've been busted.  After resuming the diet following last week's post, I spent the last 4-5 days eating basically whatever I wanted.  The damage actually isn't too bad; I've lost a half pound or so and gone down slightly in my BMI.  I visited my nutritionist, Maeli, today, and she chided me mildly and ordered me to buy a digital bathroom scale so I can see my progress.  Initially I thought not having it around would help me to focus on how I feel instead of only the numbers, but how I feel is usually hungry, and seeing my progress may be enough to keep me faithful on the weekends, which are the real challenges for me.  I am determined to get back on the stick and ride this thing out for another couple of weeks and at least be down 20 pounds.  My big concern, which I anticipated even before starting the diet, is conference weekend.  I don't think there's anybody reading this who needs the explanation, but just in case, every April and October, Mormons sit around the house for virtually the entire weekend and watch the old men who lead the church deliver sermons and inspirational messages on TV (those who are stalwart enough to resist boating or camping in favor of 8-10 hours of good solid religion).  It's usually a pretty big weekend for eating, since that goes along with sitting around, and in fact after the Priesthood Session, every fast-food place in Utah gets a gigantic rush just after 8 p.m.  So, the trick this time is going to be not cheating, or cheating only minimally.  Thursday I will have a survey post up, and a brief update of my pre-weekend weigh-in.  Until then, I wish you all Godspeed.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Feel Hungry...

So, that's me after one week of HCG.  Mission accomplished!  Okay, I know a tub of goo like me is in no danger of looking like a meth addict, and I'll probably never be as dreamy as Christian Bale, even the disgustingly skinny version in The Machinist.  But I did lose seven pounds.  Even better, my body fat dropped from 27 percent down to 25.  And that was with a major 2-day hiccup! On Saturday, I jumped off the wagon when I had no work to distract me, and then Sunday, Amy was throwing up everything but the kitchen sink, and I started to have stomach trouble and suspended the diet for another day.  Had that not happened, it would have easily been ten or twelve pounds lost.  Now that I've seen some results, it's strengthened my resolve to be good for another week (which was getting iffy).  I thought that not weighing in regularly would help me to keep my focus on feeling better and not just a number, but if I'd have had a scale in the house, it might have stopped me from ransacking the chips and making myself a bagel Saturday afternoon.  Anyway, progress has been made and I'm extremely happy considering this weekend's lapse.

The biggest surprise of the week was how easy it was.  I was hungry, but I really didn't feel like I was starving.  A few days in, my stomach felt a little flatter and I felt trimmer.  Eating oranges became a delicious treat, and diet soda (which I have hated for a long time) tasted amazingly sweet.  And my energy was a lot better without all the sugar I'd been taking in the previous week.  I'd still prefer not to be on this thing, but I am looking forward to getting all up in Gina's face as she swallows another mayo-slathered fried Twinkie whole. She'll be so proud.

Anywho, just checking in.  I'll try to put together another survey before the start of the weekend.  Until then, think skinny thoughts and enjoy all the wonderful things I can't have.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Call Me Fatty McButterpants

I've known this day was coming for a good six months. Tomorrow I start the three-week HCG diet. Most of my marriage I've been around 225 pounds, but I gained a bit whilst in New York last summer, and a couple of weeks ago, I weighed in at 240. Then I drank soda almost every day last week and ate a ton of sugar, and got all the way up to 243, and 27 percent body fat. For my height and age, that is starting to get into some bad territory. Not orca territory, but I've seen the writing on the wall. The HCG diet has you on 500 calories a day for three weeks, and 500 very specific calories at that, and taking HCG and a couple of other supplements every day to help control appetite and maximize results. I was able to get a nutritionist on trade, and she swears that you don't feel hunger if you are consistent in taking the supplements and that it is much easier to keep the weight off by using her services instead of trying to do it by yourself. But I'm kind of eager to test my mental toughness. I might not feel that way in 24 hours, but I have every intention of succeeding, and plan to keep the world in the loop via the blog. Before long, I may be the runt of the family. Vance is pretty hooked on Mountain Dew and is all domestic, while Gina has gotten hooked on fried lutefisk. Anyway, tomorrow is Armageddon, hence the choice of music. I am sticking with this thing no matter what.

I did, however, abort the moustache. I let it grow for five days and it was getting fairly noticeable. The thought of being seen by clients and prospects was too much for me to take. If I were a computer programmer, I would do this, and get away with it. Computer programmers and web designers are supposed to look like slobs. I don't know how to trim facial hair that is that long, so it hurt like a bitch to take off. I guess that's what I get.

Lastly, some of you have mentioned that I failed to crown a winner for the Embarrassment Olympics. The consensus, between Amy and I, at least, was that Julia's moment was the most spectacular. I was totally in that moment and have played it over and over in my mind to cheer myself up, partly because I have a brother-sister relationship to Julia and take joy in her humiliation, and partly because she is kinda special, so she deserves a prize. About that, though, after ordering a box full of the Scarface keychains, I found out that virtually every line has one or more F-bombs. I traded for them using the Trading Floor my company's software provides, and figured there would be a "Say hello to my little friend," and a "Say goodnight to the bad guy," among others. Nope, it's basically eight very vulgar phrases. So we may need to come up with a replacement prize. If I don't find a good trinket, perhaps we can host your family for dinner at my house (after my three weeks are up). Anyway, I've gotta figure it out. Congratulations, Julia, on being super-clumsy to the point that people openly wonder if you are retarded. Anyway, until next time, I bid you toodles...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dude, Where's My 'Stache?

I've been bored lately. The winter can't go fast enough. Amy spent most of January and February curled up with morning sickness, and it's been no fun. Obviously, in her normal state Amy can hardly keep her hands off me (who could?), but out of sheer boredom, yesterday I was inspired to grow a moustache for at least a week or until she is feeling 100 percent. So I dedicate this moustache to you, babe.

Unfortunately, virtually nobody appreciates a good moustache any more, and there are very few who can pull it off aside from cops and former porn stars. It makes me wish I had lived through more than four months of the seventies. I mean, everyone had one then. It was sexy; so help me God, it was sexy! And it's the only full-length facial hair I can pull off without looking like Joe Dirt. So here is my ode to the fashionable look of yesteryear and its many varieties.

Now, you can't tell me that's not cool. Daniel Day-Lewis abides. And he created two movie icons, Bill the Butcher and Daniel Plainview. I can only wish I were that awesome.

Okay, the handlebar. It only works for cowboys and bikers, but this guy is bringing sexy back.

And of course, the walrus. This doesn't work for me since my sideburns are sparse, but I would love to try it. There are so many possibilities. From Ned Flanders to Goose Gossage to Ron Burgundy, the world is much more manly with moustaches. Let us not forget.