Monday, May 31, 2010

Daaaamnnn, that is tasty!

I'm back. I haven't actually been away at all, but I guess I haven't had much to say. At least, nothing nice. In theory, April and May are two of my favorite months because of the milder temps and fields of green. But for some reason I am noticing that for the past few years, spring hasn't been much fun. The past three Mays in particular, I have trended toward depression and poverty. This year it was largely related to a number of people not paying me, but poor is poor, right? I don't think there's any rhyme or reason to May being a sucky month, but I am looking forward to starting a new month tomorrow. I did have a few bright spots, and I'll tell you about those. Actually, the first one you'll have to wait a few days for. I read a book I really enjoyed and got me thinking, and that deserves its own post. Second, my family has been great dealing with me. I really like Amy. She's such a good listener and so understanding about the struggles my business gives me, and even the ones I bring on myself. Lastly, I ate one of the greatest burgers I've ever had, the Smokehouse Bacon Burger from Salt City Burger Company (seen above). They cook the bacon right into the beef. The bun is much better than average, and the fries are delicious. So when you have a good book, a good woman, and you're eating well, life can't be that bad, right? Back in a few days.