Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Girl

Seriously, how cute is she? Amy turns 28 tomorrow, so I'm taking this opportunity to appreciate her. I feel like I have an unusually easy marriage, or at least I did before we added our two bozos to the mix, but even now, I can't find much to legitimately complain about. We've been through a lot together, and Amy somehow is supportive and steady through almost everything that could be thrown at her. Starting a business, a lawsuit that stemmed from starting a business, illness that was brought on from the stress of a lawsuit, lean times over most of the past five years, and throw in a significant disability of one of our children, and it's a recipe for disaster with most women. But not with mine. She still likes me. And I love her. I love it when she laughs uncontrollably at a mildly amusing joke. I love her appreciation of childlike pleasures like crunching leaves in the fall. And I really love getting peppered with kisses on the mouth. She deserves to be spoiled, and I want to give her all the niceties of life. It is hard to really know people and predict what they are capable of. But I trust Amy that she'll stay the same even if we're multigazillionaires. Hopefully that complete lack of ego will rub off on others around her, most of all me. Anyway, my life is much richer with her in it, and I vow to do my best to make it a great day and weekend for her.

Also, happy birthday to Eskimo Bob, Sting (the singer, not the wrestler), and Don McLean of American Pie fame (the song, not the movie). In other news...

If I have any readers left, I am finally ready to get back to blogging. A lot of September was devoted to the digging of two giant holes in front of my house, which I finally paid a professional excavator to turn into one gigantic hole so that we could get a plumbing problem fixed (which was only a problem inasmuch as it caused the temporary cancellation of our home insurance policy). We've filled most of said hole back up, and now I am back on the stick and can get back to sharing my exciting life with you and not feel like such a

Anyway, good weekend to all y'all. Cheers!