Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sometimes I feel like my head is about to explode!

I'm back. And today I feel like focusing on the negative. The sickos among my followers may recognize the exploding head image above from the 80's movie Scanners. I decided to spare you the full video for the sake of the squeamish, but I want to pose the question, what makes you feel like that? I'm not talking about mild to moderate irritation. What makes you just plain berserk? Here are a couple of mine to get you thinking.

I think I tolerate people's politics pretty well. But this woman has me about ready to give up on the country. I can't believe she has such a following, and that her name is even mentioned for the Presidential election in 2012. I was suckered in early on in last year's election. All I knew about Palin was that she had an insanely high approval rating in Alaska and it seemed like a great move to get people talking about someone besides Barack Obama. But piece by piece, she has proven that she is not only a freaking loon, but deceptively ambitious and kind of mean. The combination of stupid and egotistical I just can't abide. I don't know how to reconcile myself to the fact that there is a large number in the conservative base who takes her seriously. I want to punch her in the throat every time I see her. And I hate Obama's economic policies. I love John McCain (the real one, not the one from last year). But this caption says it all. Having Palin as V.P. would have been harmless as long as she was in the most useless big-name capacity in the country. But if McCain's wrinkly old heart had given out, God help us. The GOP is having major issues, and unless they want to experience several decades of losing, they'd better get serious about who the face is. I haven't been Republican since 2006, but I don't want the Democrats to run amok with no legitimate alternatives. Don't go away mad, girl. Just go away.

It's gonna be hard to top that, but I also find this kid the most annoying film character in history. A few days ago, Seth watched The Polar Express over at my in-laws' house. When I first saw it, I thought "Meh," but the movie has actually grown on me a lot over the past few years. But this kid almost ruins it every time. I'd prefer Jar Jar Binks. And me's a-hate Jar Jar. No one is that annoying. I think that's all the negative energy I want to expend. I'll be back to my sunshiney self next time. But for now, discuss.