Monday, January 18, 2010

Adolf Hitler Stars as Sam Fox, Elders Quorum President

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Whether you're working today or not, this is just a little piece of humor for anyone who doesn't mind humor involving the mastermind of the Holocaust, or poking fun at Mormon culture. I found it funny and hope you do too. On the commentary following the original post on YouTube, everybody weighs in on why it's offensive and I mean everybody. You've got the bitter ex-Mormons, super-sensitive politically correct blowhards who think that Adolf should never be made light of, and the extremely pious LDS who find it a horrible tragedy that anyone could find humor in someone not getting 100 percent on hometeaching. Don't be shy about expressing your own opinions. Anyway, have a great day, wherever you are.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Beaten With the Ugly Stick

Okay, this is really mean, but earlier today I saw an ad for ANOTHER Sex and the City movie, and I just can't stand it anymore.  Not just the movie (although that series always sent me running and screaming), but the question I have never dared ask in a public forum until now is: Does anyone out there find Sarah Jessica Parker even a little bit attractive?  As a ten-year old, I actually thought she was kind of cute in Flight of the Navigator, before anyone knew who she was, but she seems to have gotten exponentially worse up to the trailer for her latest movie, which has me convinced she might be in my personal bottom 2 percent of all people on earth for comeliness.  The changes don't appear to be drug-related like Lindsay Lohan and other formerly hot A-listers, and I'm not talking about the normal effect of aging on the body; I think Helen Mirren is still pretty hot at 64.  I am generally pretty reserved about calling people ugly, but for over a decade, Hollywood has been trying to tell me how hot she is, and it's really messed with my head.  Is there anyone else who belongs in this category?  I find all of the Sex and the City skanks to be fairly unattractive, but SJP belongs in her own stratosphere.  I hate to devote an entire post to this, but I need to know if there are people I know who actually disagree with me, and if so, what is it that makes her irresistible?  Is it the horsey face?  Her bony frame?  Or the gigantic mole?  Anybody?