Thursday, January 12, 2012

James Earl Jones + Justin Bieber 4Ever

Okay, so this is neither original nor thought-provoking, but I came across it and it made me laugh: James Earl Jones reading the lyrics of a Justin Bieber song. Read aloud, it's even more asinine, and making him do it is probably elder abuse. He could have at least thumbed his nose at the retards on The Gayle King Show by saying, "Oh, baby, baby, I find your lack of faith disturbing". But I hope you enjoy. And even more, I hope he will agree to narrate my life. Good night, everyone.


  1. I actually lean towards Morgan Freeman for my official biographical narrator. But not the Morgan Freeman that sold out to every commercial voice-over that pays more than a dollar, the Morgan Freeman who read for Frederick Douglass in the Ken Burns Documentary series "The Civil War".

  2. That's hilarious. I don't listen to Justing Bieber on principle. It doesn't sound any better in James Earl Jones' voice. If possible, it sounds even dumber. Yes?

    We're listening to the actual song now. For the first time ever.

    I'm not a Belieber. Boooooo!